The Vista Viking Festival is a very big Ting.

"Ting ", is the Old Norse name for the governing assembly all free people. They would gather in their communities to make law and to decide cases. But a Ting was not all politics. A Ting was often a multi-day festival. There were musicians, and entertainers. Merchants set up booths for their wares, Brew masters brought barrels of ale and mead. During the Thing, marriages were arranged, alliances were crafted, news and gossip exchanged and friendships forged and nurtured. We bring the spirit of the Old Norse Ting alive each September, at Norway Hall.

It takes many hands to create California's Premiere Viking Festival. If you are a fan of the festival and would like to volunteer, a merchant, entertainer, Viking Horde, or just curious to know more. Contact Us. Tussen Takk.

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The Festival Grounds

Norway Hall

2006 East Vista Way
Vista, CA, 92084
United States


Festival Parking 

Vista High School

Parking at Norway Hall is extremely limited. We strongly suggest using our offsite parking at Vista High School, free shuttle. There is a parking fee at all lots.